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VirtuaVet Vs Chihuahua! The Chihuahua Manual eBook Already Updated

2010 June 10
The Chihuahua Manual

The Chihuahua Manual

Purse Ninja Pocket Guide

Information you need to know about your Chihuahua

Dear Chihuahua Fanatics,

Originally published April 26, 2010, my first Chihuahua Manual has already been updated, per customer enthusiasm.  I know these little “land sharks,” as veterinarians like to call them, are secretly the most lovable, fun, and heart-grabbing dogs.  My Chihuahua, Chiquita Bovita (white with black Holstein cow spots) was my diminutive soulmate.  Stop fighting and misunderstanding your Chihauhua today and get that perfect companion you dreamed of in the first place!

Please enjoy The Chihuahua Manual, Purse Ninja Pocket Guide!


Doc Truli

Retail Price $24.99 Updated Chihuahua Manual ONLY $9.99

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  • Learn to raise a Chihuahua who is so friendly, your friends just can’t believe it!
  • Select a bed for your Chihuahua that makes house training quick and clear!
  • Use the comprehensive first year Chihuahua medical budget to pay for everything you need and nothing you don’t!
  • Save money by choosing the best pet insurance plan!
  • Learn the surefire solution to preventing low blood sugar in teacup Chihuahuas
  • Learn the secrets to effective house training
  • Have a Worry-free Chihuahua: learn when shaking, dancing, rolling, and refusing to budge are normal
  • Gear up for adventure with your Chihuahua: cars, boats, even motorcycle Chihuahua gear
  • Learn the secret to happy Chihuahuas and children
  • Learn how to leverage a pet sitter for a happier Chihuahua
  • Learn games Chihuahuas Love to Play

All updates will be provided FREE to Chihuahua Manual Purchasers!

Excerpt from “Playing Games With Your Chihuahua” Chapter of The Chihuahua Manual:

“Chihuahuas are supposed to be lap dogs.  But, in their role as personal appendages, they also relish a little privacy.  Not much, but a little bit.  Does your Chihuahua take a piece of food and run under a chair to work on it?  (Be sure the eating area is safe, peaceful and quiet.)  Do dog bones and treats pile up under the bed and sofa?  Or under the pillows in the corners of the sofa?  This is the Chihuahua need for privacy, not a terrier-like burrowing fixation.  A toy basket or toy box, a sleeping crate, and a family with people who pay attention and design their daily schedule to include the puppy give a Chihuahua a sense of steadiness and security.  Respect the little one’s very little needs for privacy.  After all, your Chihuahua will probably sit on your arm, lap, or chest 90% of the time you are not working, a little kitchen area, bathroom, sleeping area, and toy chest of his or her own is not too much to ask!”

Doc Truli shares the love of Chihuahuas and the insight of a veterinarian in The Chihuahua Manual: Purse Ninja Pocket Guide. Join the fun today! Updates are free.  Get more and more medical advice and heartwarming Chihuahua stories for just one purchase price.

“I love Chihuahuas, Chi CHi CHI! I hope you’ll take advantage of my hard work and insight and get your own copy of The Chihuahua Manual today, and free Updates as I continue to add Chihuahua advice and inspirational Chihuahua Stories.  All Chihuahuas, all the time!” says Doc Truli.

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