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Antifreeze Poisoning or…

2010 November 4

Seal Point Himalayan Cat


Doc Truli’s Short List of Causes of Sudden Kidney Failure: Get to an Animal Hospital Right Away!!!!!

  • Antifreeze – ethylene glycol poisoning
  • Lyme Disease Vaccine
  • Lyme Disease rickettsial infection
  • Leptospirosis bacterial infection
  • ***Cats**** (Remember this at Easter and Christmas) – Eating Lilly Plants, any part of the plant, even one bite causes sudden, kidney failure in cats.  No cure; they die!
  • ***Dogs*** Raisins, grapes and currants.  Possible only a few of the fruits could cause it!

“VirtuaCat, being a lazy Himalayan pussums, barely notices floral arrangements on the dining room table.  Still, we have a rule in our house: no lilies in or near the property, ever!” says Doc Truli.

Symptoms of Sudden Renal Failure

  • excessive thirst and urination
  • incoordination, called ataxia (legs not organized right)
  • weakness
  • nausea and vomiting
  • tremors, usually whole body
  • rapid breathing and heart rate
  • diarrhea
  • convulsions and seizures
  • paralysis

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