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Fat Chihuahua

2010 July 24

Fat Dogs Epidemic in US

Well, we finally made our dogs as needy, neurotic, and fat as the average American!  65% of American dogs are fat.  Many are obese.  No one seems to either 1) know it, or 2) think it’s a big deal.

Here’s how you know if your dog is fat:

  1. Cannot feel or count the ribs.
  2. Cannot see a waistline from the side.
  3. Cannot see a waistline from the top.

Simple. See what I mean?

A fat dog is a “big” deal.

If your dog is fat, he or she will:

  1. Suffer arthritis, bronchitis, collapsing trachea, or heart failure much more easily than a thin dog.
  2. Die 2-4 years before he or she should.

2-4 years to a chihuahua or a labrador is like 20 years for us!  Imagine that!

fetching chihuahua coquette

fat fetching chihuahua coquette

fat back chihuahua

fat back chihuahua

fat side chihuahua

fat side chihuahua

Get the skinny on your dog’s diet.

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