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“Ask the Doc” at Dogtoberfest 2010

2010 November 21

Doc Truli at Dogtoberfest, Dunedin, FL, USA 2010

All Pet Care Hospital at Dogtoberfest

All Pet Care Hospital and Doc Truli contributed to the Suncoast Animal League Third Annual Dogtoberfest Charity Event 2010 in Highlander Park, Dunedin, FL, USA.  Surprisingly, Doc Truli was the only veterinarian on hand at the event to answer pet questions!  Our “Ask the Doc” table located next to the food, was a hit!  At least 3,000 people attended the event, and I’ll tell you how I know that in a minute.

Doc explains heartworm treatment

Doc explains heartworm treatment

Let’s Stump the Doc

Many people stopped by to meet Doc Truli or to chat, but a few people actively attempted to “stump the Doc.”

“My vet said my dog’s cruciate ligament is ruptured and he must have surgery, what do you think?”

The second knee is likely to go in the next year.

Dogtoberfest Ask the Doc

Doc Springer and Pam answer animal health questions

“I can’t get rid of fleas, is there anything new on the market?”

Comfortis pill for dogs, labelled organic

“How do I keep my Chihuahua from getting carsick?”

Ginger root.  “What’s that?” Dramamine II “Harrumph, I don’t like drugs.” “Acupressure point on the inside of the front leg just above the wrist. “Are you crazy?” Okay, what answer were you looking for?

“What do you think this lump is?  My vet tested it yesterday, but the results aren’t back yet?”

Don’t know.  Glad you got it tested.  Wait and see!

“Do you take care of Chinchillas, too?”


Doc Truli’s favorite question that usually stumps dog parents?

“What kind of food do you feed your dog?”  An uncomfortable silence follows.  The color of the bag and the word “natural” come up.  But that’s usually about it!  How embarrassing.  Happens (almost) every time!

Running of the Weiners!

Dilute Mini Dachshund Pup blue-gray with tan markings and soulful brown eyes

One of the Youngest Weiners

Lots and lots of Mini Dachshunds attended.  A rectangular, grassy area was temporarily fenced off.  Volunteers held the dogs at one end of the field, and on the mark, let them go.  Their parents crouched behind a finish line at the other end of the fenced area and squeaked, waved yellow tennis balls, patted the ground, whistled and cajoled their Dachshunds to run toward them.  They ran in age-matched heats of five at a time.  There were perhaps 3,000 people and another 100 dogs watching, and everyone was making tons of noise.

The foreground in the picture is the start line and in the distance, you can make out the wiener parents crouched at the finish line.  It sure was a crowd!

The puppies, from 4 months to a year old, were the first to go.

“Get set, go!”

The puppies were released.  Then all the humans started laughing all at once.  It was fun to belly laugh with 500 people, but I couldn’t tell why they were laughing.  It was just such a good time, you laughed anyway.

Running of the Weiners

Running of the Weiners

Then I got a closer spot to watch the second heat.  More puppies.  “Get set, go!” said the volunteer organizer over the microphone.  The puppies just stood there!  Then they commenced milling around at the volunteers feet and sniffing each other while their parents frantically called to them from the finish line.  Everyone howled with laughter.  These puppies busted everyone’s expectations.

The all-day build up to the Running of the Weiners, with the Chariots of Fire theme song playing in my head as I envisioned short little legs, big flapping ears, running with the wind, their straight tails like arrows pointing behind their churning legs as they ran flat-out to the finish line and their families was a distant day-dream!

Ha!  Happy, milling puppies sniffing noses and butts, ignored the humans.  When everybody laughed, they looked around with those inquisitive melting brown Dachshund eyes and questioned their situation.  Then a puppy noticed his dad and a squeaker toy.  The pup looked a little frightened by the crowds and the noises.  He broke from the puppy pack and ran to safety in dad’s arms.  Then, the cheering, “Good boy!”, and Lion-King-style raising of the first wiener to figure out how to run to the finish line above the crowds by his proud Dad.  The little red, smooth-coated dachshund in a hot pink mesh harness became excited.  His tail started wagging and he licked dad’s face all over. “Good Boy!”

The adult dogs ran much straighter and quicker than the pups.  Still, it was about 8 heats until every starter reached the finish line!

The Dog Costumes

Fun and creative dog costumes everywhere.  Here are just a few to give you the flavor of the event.

Collie surgeon

Collie surgeon

hot dogs

hot dogs

mohawk pom

mohawk pom

princess long haired black and tan chihuahua in a black hat and cape trimmed with faut leopard fur


Harley Dog, tall shepherd mix dressed up

Harley Dog

White Chihuahua  in White wedding gown and veil with onlooker taking camera picture also showing the same picture!

Pretty as a Picture

The Court, the King and Queen

Doc Truli met some of the members of the court.  How it worked is this: you went online before the event and registered.  You then had your friends and political constituency “Vote” for your pet to be the King, Queen and Court.  Each vote cost $1, which went to the Suncoast Animal League.  What fun!

Grand Prize Costume Winner

Doc Truli had a feeling this Chi-Peke would win!  But, he was really just wearing his regular garb, not really a costume at all!  Dad said he rode in the sidecar on the Harley and they travelled everywhere together.

Chihuahua-Pekingnese mixed dog in a Harley helmut, Doggles, Jean jacket with patches and metal necklace with charms

Harley Dog

Sode view of the Chihuahua Pekingnese Harley dog, his side patch on the jean jacket says "I Got People"

"I Got People"

The back of his helmut says "If you can't ride with the big dogs, get back on the porch"

"If you can't ride with the big dogs, get back on the porch."

There's his handsome tanned and white ChiPeke Face without the helmut and goggles!

"Chick Magnet"

New Guinness World Record!Suncoast Animal League broke a Guinness Book World Record that day.  Later that night at the 19th Annual Dunedin Wines the Blues Festival, Doc Truli met the city Commissioner Julie at The Living Room on Main.  Julie told Doc the Suncoast Animal League would have had to pay Guinness $1000 to be considered for the Guinness Record, and have the officials show up at our event. Guinness donated the fees for the Suncoast Rescue League.

So Suncoast advertised the record attempt, “Most Costumed Dogs in One Location.” Dogs in costume walked around everywhere at the event!  Or they were carried.  Or pulled in a wagon.  Or pushed in a carriage.  Most of the participants put the costumes on their dogs, checked in with Guinness, got their official entry number and then returned the costumes to the cars for a few hours because it was a sunny afternoon.  (Some of the Leather-look costumes were hot!)

Doc missed the announcement for the actual picture, but later learned the story from a Suncoast Animal volunteer.

“The record was set at Mets Stadium in New York…208.  Then London called in with 218.  Then Dunedin counted.  We had…426!”  Wow!  A new World Record!

Yodelling Contest

Doc will save the Grand-prize yodeling contest winner for another story.  She happens to be a client of All Pet Care Hospital!  More later….

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