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Guinea Pig Laser Neuter Surgery

2010 December 4
Guinea Pig

Harvey the Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs Need Surgery, Too (Sometimes)

Harvey peered at Doc Truli through the mesh in his carrier door. His
cheeks bulged back and forth as he chewed his Timothy hay. His orange
and white ruffled fur stuck out different directions on hs shoulders
and haunches.

Three children watched their 2 1/4 pound pet and nervously offered
their questions.

“The oldest Guinea Pig I’ve known was Einstein.  He lived in Maine, USA.  I didn’t believe he was nine.  But when we calculated the time since the kids met him as their kindergarten class pet and took him home at the end of that school year, well, nine years had passed!” said Doc Truli.

“Can Guinea Pigs purr?”

“Yes. It means they’re happy.”

Relieved, Harvey’s middle sister relaxed and said, “I knew it!”

The oldest daughter started to feel more comfortable in the animal hospital and with Doc Truli,”You mean we shouldn’t feed him apples? We feed him apples 3-4 times a day.”

“Apples are a treat he really doesn’t need. Kind of like donuts for us. He really should not eat apples or fruit more than once a week,” said Doc Truli.

“Will he be okay after his surgery?” said the youngest of the three.

Doc Truli said,”The most critical time is directly after surgery.  Harvey needs to eat all day long, like a little mouse-cow. We’ll let him have his hay immediately after surgery to help the fermentation vat he calls a healthy stomach.”

Harvey’s neuter surgery went smoothly. The surgical laser kept bleeding to almost nothing. After surgery, the laser helped reduce the amount of painkillers the little cavy needed.

Benefits of Laser Surgery

  • Less Bleeding
  • Less Pain
  • Faster Healing
  • Less Pain Medication after surgery

“He’s eating!” said Harvey’s nurse 5 minutes after anesthesia recovery.

May Harvey live a long, healthy life! While most Guinea Pigs live 5-6 years, Doc Truli’s oldest Guinea Pig patient, Einstein, loved to a ripe old age of nine!

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