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About The Internet Vet

The Internet Vet Shares Information, Stories, and Insight

Welcome to theinternetvet, a website intended for pet parents who need pet health insight, coaching and guidance.  In my daily practice, I meet many pet parents who are looking for deeper answers, need to know how to interpret news and information they find, and need to know how to navigate healthcare decisions for their pet.

“Your healthcare decisions regarding your pet are practical, moral, ethical, and spiritual decisions,” says Doc Truli.

Everyone secretly wonders:  “What would you do if it were your cat?”  “Tell me-as a friend–is it worth it?” and “How do I know if my dog has a good quality of life?”  We wish, at times, our best friend was a veterinarian so we could ask the sensitive and sometimes awkward questions we feel we cannot ask a professional in the office call.

I became a veterinarian to help animals and to find out what do doctors know that’s so special?  My wish is to impart some of my journey to you.  In return, I want you to share your perspective and insight into pets, their people, medicine, the modern medical community, and even explore the meaning of health and wellness.

“What do doctors know that’s so special?” Doc Truli asks.

VirtuaVet Focussed on Providing Inspiration and Information

Doc Truli provides the stories and philosophy behind the Internetvet.  Practical, heartfelt, relevant stories let you know hope and cures abound.

Every day, Doc Truli hears similar questions and misunderstandings about people and pets in society, and pet healthcare.

“I remember what it’s like to not be a scientist, not be a doctor, and I love my pets,” says the Doc.

VirtuaVet was created to provide coaching, guidance, explanations, and positive examples so you can remain confident, optimistic, and happy in your healthcare decisions regarding your pet!

You can’t leave Doc Truli’s office – or website – without a dose of philosophy!

Frequently Asked Questions about Doc Truli

Testimonials from Doc Truli’s Pet Parents

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  1. February 14, 2010

    Do you have a post about your views or insights on pet health insurance? I searched, but didn’t find one. If not, could you write about that at some point?

    • February 17, 2010

      Dear Sharon,
      I was writing a post regarding pet insurance when your thoughtful comment came in. It should be ready by Saturday, the 20th, which I believe will still be in time for you to get insurance before your new puppy arrives!
      Doc Truli

    • February 19, 2010

      I finished a post about pet insurance
      I hope it gives you food for thought.
      I believe the Trupanion insurance is the easiest, nicest, most comprehensive, and certainly highest limits and payouts for the premium.
      Of course, as usual, I do not receive money or anything from any company or product I mention on VirtuaVet. I just want as many people as possible to benefit from the stories and experiences other people have already found to be helpful.
      Why make all the mistakes yourself when others can make them for you? There are always new and creative ways to screw up without suffering through all the basics!
      Doc Truli

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